Quality Crawler Crane Hook Block

Product Details

Introduction of Crawler Crane Hook Block:

The hook material should have certain tensile strength, and the ratio of strength to strength should be small, so that it can be safe and reliable.

In addition, some hooks are subjected to cold bending, hot forging and welding. In order to eliminate cold stress, hot stress and welding stress, proper heat treatment, such as tempering, is necessary.

Application of Crawler Crane Hook Block:

They are widely used in installation in construction and divides into hook type(open type) and ring type(closed type).The closed type can fix in one place. The hook type can unload easily. heavy duty triple pulleys Snatch Block for sale is widely used in various occasions, it can lift objects from 0.5T to 50tons, also can connect with heavy crane together to lift goods.

Little Tips of Crawler Crane Hook Block:

The hook is the main part of lifting machinery, its material, manufacturing process, quality and maintenance inspection of any link neglect management, will directly cause accidents.Therefore, the hook must be strictly controlled material, inspection and scrap standards.