Electric Rotating Hook Block

Electric Rotating Hook Block
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Swivel hook group can be used with other rigging fittings and can change the Angle and direction of the lifting.

For steel pile, dock, station, factory and other places of spreader, ship and vehicle loading and unloading of goods, reprint, need high loading and unloading efficiency, change the direction of the objects put, to speed up the melting, molding parts, ship and vehicle flow, so the rotating hook group are widely used in the above situation.

"China" brand rotary hook group with advanced performance, high efficiency, compact structure, electric rotation Angle and limit customizable, accurate positioning (patent number: ZL 201320180798.3), rotation speed r/min can choose, with frequency conversion motor brake, balance, safe and reliable operation, the advantages of convenient operation, good appearance, and can be customized according to the customer, market competition advantage obviously, favored by users.

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