3t-100t Mobile Crane Lifting Hook

Product Details

Description of 3t-100t Mobile Crane Lifting Hook:

The material of 3t-100t Mobile Crane Lifting Hook should have certain tensile strength, and the ratio of strength to strength should be small, so that it can be safe and reliable.

In addition, some hooks are subjected to cold bending, hot forging and welding. In order to eliminate cold stress, hot stress and welding stress, proper heat treatment, such as tempering, is necessary.

Main features of Mobile Crane Lifting Hook:
*design factor 4:1
*Double sealed roller bearings
*Compact design
*High impact resistant side plates
*Operational temperature range:-40 up to +80oC
*Hot-rolled,cast,fabrication sheaves
*CCS,ABS,CE certification according to requirements
*In house loading test,Ultrasonic test,Magnetic test
*Standard polywood box packing
*Yellow or black finish or according to requirements