Crane Hook Block Single Sheave

The lifting hook can be divided into two kinds: the forging hook and the board hook. The single hook is used for hoisting vehicles under 80T; The double hook is used for the roof crane of over 80T, the plate hook is made of many pieces of steel plate cut into the shape of the hook, and there is...

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The hook is one of the main lifting accessories on lifting equipment, which plays a very important role in lifting heavy objects.

Generally, the crane will choose the lifting weight of the hook according to the lifting weight. This is to ensure that the heavy weight will not cause the crane to be dangerous in the lifting process. Therefore, the use of the hook has very strict requirements.

Next, we will understand together, hook, rings and other parts of the safe use of what other requirements?

1. The positioning bolts, the split pin and the nut on the top of the thrust bearing of the hanger hook are well fastened, and the connection is reliable;

2. Vertical force must be applied when the lifting ring is in use, and horizontal force is strictly forbidden;

3. The lifting ring thread must be tightened when rotating to prevent loose objects from falling off;

4. When working with two lifting rings at the same time, the Angle between the two lifting rings should not be greater than 90 degrees.

5. The lifting hook and lifting ring used in lifting and hoisting operation shall have a smooth surface and shall be free from defects such as breaking, peeling, nicking, sharp Angle, joint and crack.

6. The hooks and rings are not allowed to be overloaded;

7. The hook should be able to rotate flexibly;

It is not allowed to use the hook and ring after the repair welding;

8. The slant Angle of the hook should not exceed 10 degrees

9. When the hook is used to connect with the weight lifting ring, the position and force of the hook must be ensured to meet the requirements;