Crane Hook With Safety Latch

Crane Hook With Safety Latch
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crane hook with safety latch is one of the necessary parts for lifting machinery。

1. Hook insurance device.

It is mainly to prevent the lifting of the weight from falling off the hook while the crane is working.

The device is installed at the opening of the hook with a spring gland. The lid cannot be opened up and can only be pushed down to prevent the rigging from coming out of the opening.

2. Coil insurance device.

It is mainly prevented when the transmission mechanism fails, the wire rope can not be arranged in the drum, so as to cross the flange of the end of the drum, and the incident such as the bite rope.

3. Ladder retainer

(1) when the access height of the ladder is greater than 5m, set up the retainer from 2m above the platform.

The protective ring should be kept in good condition, unable to show the phenomenon of excessive deformation and ring and welding.

(2) when the ladder is set inside the structure, if the distance between the ladder and the structure is less than 1.2 m, the retaining ring is not established.

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