Crane Snatch Block

Crane Snatch Block
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The movable pulley can reduce the traction force, can not change the direction of the pull;

The fixed pulley can change the direction of force, but not reduce the traction;

The pulley block can both reduce the traction and change the direction of the pull.

1. Simple lifting mechanism for lifting heavy objects vertically.

It's small and compact.

There are two types of manual and electric.

A manual block.

Pull the chain by human, and drive the drum through worm and worm wheel to lift the weight.

Adopt the load self-actuating brake, the heavier the load, the more the torque, safe and reliable.

The scope of work is a vertical line under the hook.

Nylon wheel aluminium sheet lifting tackle:

Use: suitable for lifting tower, wire, hoisting equipment and electric work.

Features: light weight, good grinding wheel, no damage to wire rope and rope.

Form has hook type, ring type, single door, double door.

Electric block.

It is driven by electric motor drive gear, wire rope drum and hook pulley, lifting heavy weight.

The shell is a wire rope drum, connected with the motor and the gear drive mechanism with brake.

The upper part of the middle shell has a lifting ear.

After hanging, the weight can be hoisting vertically.

It can also be used to run the trolley in a running truck, moving along an overhead track and moving materials between the workshop and the workshop.

2. The number of pulley is divided into single block, double door block and multi-gate block.

According to the connection of the pulley and the lifting, it can be divided into four kinds: hook type pulley, chain ring block, suspension ring and hanger.

The small and small size of the pulley is usually of hook type, link ring type and suspension ring type, and the large pulley is used with the lifting ring type and lifting beam type.

According to the contact of wheel and shaft, there are two kinds of sliding bearing and rolling bearing.

If the splint can be opened, there are open block and closed block.

The splint of the opening block is open and easy to hold the rope. Generally, it is a single block. It is used for the guide block at the bottom of the derrick.

The way the pulley is used is divided into fixed blocks and movable blocks.

Easy to use, widely used, can be manual, maneuvering.

Can many times change the direction of the block and tackle traction wire rope and lifting or moving large weight of the object, which are composed of block joint purchase, in particular, cooperate to hoist, mast or other hoisting machinery, widely used in construction and installation work.

Mainly used in factories, mines, agriculture, electric power, construction production and construction, docks, shipyard, warehouse machine installation, cargo lifting and so on.

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