Custom Forged Single Shank Hook

Custom Forged Single Shank Hook
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custom forged single shank hook - Brief description

Heavy Crane Hook & Crane Hook Block & Crane Hook 50 ton price

Hook is usually equipped with a safety latch to prevent the disengagement of the lifting wire rope sling, chain or rope to which the load is attached.

Hooks can be classified into single hook and double hooks according to the appearance; forged hooks and strapped hooks according to production method.

Hook is connected to the crane and the weight of the link, plays a vital role, and must attach importance to the maintenance of it. So if the hook hoisting height limiter or hook locking device failure or damage, the hook absolutely cannot be used. 

Five strength grades M, P, S, T, V, are classified in accordance with mechanical property. Forging hook and strap type hook are manufactured according to method of manufacturing.

M grade with DG20, or DG20Mn

P grade with DG20Mn

S grade with DG34CrMo

T grade below 40t with DG34CrMo, more than 40t with DG34CrNiMo or DG30Cr2Ni2Mo

V grade below 40t with DG34CrNiMo or DG30Cr2Ni2Mo, more than 40t with DG30Cr2Ni2Mo.

Crane hook - Which Hook to Choose

Trolley Single Girder Gantry Crane

Single hook: Capacity: 5t/6t/10t/12t/16t/20t/25t/32t/40t/50t/63t/80t/100t/125t/160t/200t/250t.     It is easy to produce and use, but its load carrying is not good, so most of time, it only be used at the low capacity working site(less than 80T);

Double hook: Capacity: 10t/12t/16t/20t/25t/32t/40t/50t/63t/80t/100t/125t/160t/200t/250t.

When the capacity is large, double hook with symmetrical load carrying will be used.

Strapped hook: It is riveting by several cutting forming steel plate, respective steel plate has fissure will no broke the total hooks using,and its safety feature is better, but its self-weight is large, mostly be used in large capacity or lifted molten steel cranes.

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