DIN 15401 Crane Hook Supliers

DIN 15401 Crane Hook Supliers
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DIN 15401 lifitng forged hook cast iron hook for semi gantry crane

Huabei produced hooks certified to the DIN hook standards 15401 and 15402 for single and ramshorn hooks.The DIN standards are intricately detailed standards of German origin and DIN hooks are used worldwide by the very best names in the lifting equipment industry. Hooks are available in the raw forged state or machined with matching nut to safely and reliably suit your application.Duplex, quad ,Eye hooks and custom-forged types are available.
Single hook: 5t/6t/10t/12t/16t/20t/25t/32t/40t/50t/63t/80t/100t/125t/160t/200t/250t
double hook: 10t/12t/16t/20t/25t/32t/40t/50t/63t/80t/100t/125t/160t/200t/250t.
block model: 3.2t/ 5t/10t/16t/20t/25t/32t/50t/75t/100t/200t.

Company Information

Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co.,Ltd.,the largest crane hook manufacturer in China , was founded in 1990.Huabei lifting hook is a key player of crane components ,located in Changyuan county,known as the hometown of crane and hoists,which make up of 70% total output in the industry.
The product range is vast and encompasses many unique and innovative specialist products,including:
 2.5# to 250# forged hook; hook block; C-hook
 Sheaves

 Crane wheel
 Electrical rotator;coil and slab tongs
 Customized hook block and forged parts
Quality: Huabei’s commitment to Quality in our Products and Personnel is second to none.Our in house expertise in the area of non-destructive testing focuses on continual improvement in our products incorporating magnetic particle inspection(MT) and Ultrasonic (UT) testing processes.
Manufacturing: Our key internal departments include: assembly, fabrication, machining, painting, roll forging, polishing,welding processes.Throughout the years we have and will continue to invest in capital equipment that improve our productivity and maintain our competitive position in the markets.
Customer Service: Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co.,Ltd. takes pride in offering unmatched service and sales support to our customers. 
Price Policy: 50%-100% lower than EU and other competitors.

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