DIN 15401 Crane Hook

DIN 15401 Crane Hook
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DIN 15400- Lifting hooks, materials, mechanical properties, lifting capacity, stresses DIN 15401- Single hooks 

DIN 15402- Rams horn hooks (double hooks) with and without bottom hole 


DIN is the German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung) and has been based in Berlin since 1917. DIN has historically developed the 

detailed and exacting standards used in German engineering and is the body that represents Germany in international standards organizations.  


Hooks feature markings of fixed distances (“y” dimension) which allow confirmation that no 

deformation has occurred in use, under testing, etc. This dimension is a detail of the DIN requirement.  

Hooks are identified by hook number and material. Each hook number maintains identical dimensions across a number of raw materials and has varying load capacity depending on the material used. Hooks are forged and heat treated for optimal strength and toughness properties.  

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