Electric Rotary Insulation Crane Hook Block

Electric Rotary Insulation Crane Hook Block
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Advantages of electric rotating hook:

(1) complete the high-altitude alignment by itself.

This hook can rotate the hanging objects around the lead perpendicular to the position.

(2) bad environment used in the health of harmful hoisting workers.

If high temperature, dust, poisonous gas and radiation, electric rotating hook can be used to complete lifting work without hoisting workers.

(3) use in units where labor is tight.

Using electric rotating hooks can be used to reduce the cost and increase labor productivity.

On the above occasions, crane drivers operate in the driver's room, rotating the hanging objects around the plumb line during the hoisting, keeping the hook in place after the opposite position.

Product introduction

1. Scope of application

The hook group is the most common type of hoisting tool in lifting machinery.

The hook is often hung on the wire rope of the hoisting mechanism by means of the pulley block.

The hook is the most widely used in the extract device, which has the characteristics of simple manufacture and strong use.

2. Product classification

The hook is divided into single hook and double hook.

The manufacturing method is divided into forged hooks and stacked hooks.

Single hook manufacturing is simple and easy to use, but the force is not good, most of it is used in the working environment with a weight of 80 tons;

The weight of the weight is often used with a symmetrical double hook.

Fold type hook by several piece of cutting forming plates riveted together, individual crack of plate when the hook won't destroy, security is good, but the weight is bigger, mostly used in big lifting weight or lifting steel barrels of cranes.

3. The handling methods for the following problems are found in the use of the hook:

(1) in the dangerous section and thread part, the surface has cracked or broken

Those who crack are discarded.

(2) the hoisting of metal liquid can be worn or corroded

5% of the original size, 10% of the original size of other hooks, should be scrapped.

(3) the plastic deformation of the dangerous section and the hook shall be scrapped.

(4) an increase of 15% from the original size shall be scrapped.

(5) the tip of the hook torsional deformation of more than 10 ° above should be scrapped.

(6) when the plate hook bushing is 50% of the original thickness, the bushing should be scrapped.

(7) the spindle shall be scrapped when the axis of the hook is 5 % of the original size.

(8) the lifting of lifting metal liquid is 10% higher than the original size.

The other hooks are 15% more than the original size and should be replaced.

(9) the wall thickness of the pulley groove shall be 20% of the original thickness and should be replaced

The pulley.

(10) the radial wear at the bottom of the pulley groove exceeds the diameter of the wire rope

50 % or uneven wear more than 3mm should replace pulley.

(11) serious cracks were found in cast iron pulleys, and the pulley rim was badly damaged

When the phenomenon occurs, the pulley should be replaced.

(12) the lifting hook surface of lifting metal liquid found that cracks should be replaced.

(13) two thirds of the original thickness of the plate hook anti-wear plate shall be replaced

Working face.

(14) the card board screws are off and the card plate is off and should be replaced.


Daily check points for hook use:

(1) wear condition of the hook part.

(2) whether the hook surface and thread parts have cracked holes.

(3) deformation of the screw part of the hook.

(4) the extension of extension of the hook is liable to tensile stress and fracture.

(5) torsion deformation of hook tip.

(6) the wear amount of the plate hook liner.

(7) wear of plate hook shaft.

(8) the wear of the pulley guard and the pulley groove.

(9) hook balance bearing damage and hook head and nut tightening condition.

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