Overhead Cranes Hooks

The hook is an important lifting part on lifting equipment, which makes the heavy lifting more convenient. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the lifting safety of lifting equipment, the quality of the hook is also highly valued. The hook is an important lifting part on lifting equipment, which makes...

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Hook hoisting machinery equipment is one of the most important crane accessories, the use of it must meet the requirements of the use of lifting equipment, this is because the lifting equipment has certain load limit, if the load more than cause hook parts of wear, resulting in danger, so the hook should choose when to choose and lifting equipment matching.

Before the crane is used, the hook should be checked. When checking and testing, the items and contents of various types of hoist hook check are the same, but there is a slightly different requirement.

1. Safety inspection of crane hook lifting hook: it shall be checked regularly at least every six months according to the use situation, and it shall be cleaned and lubricated.

2. General inspection methods for hoisting hook: firstly, use kerosene hook to hook the end of the spirulina disease, and then check with the 20-fold magnifier for the presence of fatigue crack leptospirosis.Some large high-rise work or in the crane hook should be used in the important environmental conditions of the non-destructive testing method to detect lifting hook, whether external defects.

Technical documentation and factory certification of the production unit using the new crane hook to lower the hook end screw and identify the logo.Before putting it into formal use, it should be indicated that it has been approved according to the load test.Test method: increase the load gradually to 1.25 times the rated load when the hook load is not less than 10 minutes.Lifting hook shall not have cracks and other defects after unloading, and the opening degree of deformation shall not exceed 0.25%.Above is small make up summary, hope to be helpful to everybody.