High Quality Laminated Ladle Hook Made In China

High Quality Laminated Ladle Hook Made In China
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The hook can be impacted in the work, so the material of the hook should not be hard enough, but it should be strong enough.

Laminated hooks are the components which are generally used to lift the heavy load in industries and constructional work. A crane hook is usually equipped with a safety latch to prevent the disengagement of the lifting rope to which the load is being attach. Use for transport, construction and manufacturing industries Laminated hooks are widely used in Steel industry ( ferrous and non-ferrous). They are use for lifting and pouring of hot metal ladles. laminated hook are made of plates which are rivet together and form a combine hook . Laminated hook capacity from 37.5t to 177.5t. 

Our company forged hook material with high quality low carbon steel or low carbon alloy steel, after forging and annealing treatment, the quality is guaranteed, the technology reaches the industry leading level.

The unsafe behavior of the crane itself, the unsafe behavior of the hoisting hook personnel and the problems of safety management are all likely to cause some disasters.

Please use your time to guard against accidents.

We also provide hook block design services, you only tell us your crane lifting group, sheave quantity,rope diameter,then we offer you the best drawing for you.

Please be free to buy the high quality laminated ladle hook made in china with the best price with our professional China manufacturers and suppliers. And the customized products are also offered if you need.