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Snatch Block
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The main component is the wooden frame, pulley, the short axis and the rope, its core component is the pulley.

Use a rope round the pulley

Installation of salt well frame in tian gong kai

Installation of salt well frame in tian gong kai

In the middle of the pulley.

The pulley has a short shaft, and the ends are fixed on the wooden frame, which is called a pulley block.

In 1988, the ruins of the ancient copper mine in ruichang, jiangxi province were found in the middle of the shang dynasty. The pulley was a five tooth shape with a diameter of 320 mm and the diameter of the wheel was 350 mm.

The right image is the shuiyan shuiyan machinery, which is described in "the works of god," which is composed of a pulley and two fixed pulleys, which are used to power the pulley.

Obviously, it's more efficient than a single block.

Still have a kind of double block, on the same shaft is equipped with two different block diameter, large diameter as the ground, as a prime mover by move winch, driven in small diameter of jigger, the lift things up.

In the Ming dynasty, wang qi and wang's "three diagrams" described the cooking blocks, which were different from the ones mentioned above, which replaced the pulley with a ring.

In the article, the grandson, tapping seeks, discusses the storming of the city of the enemy must build bring LouLu car, car nest is a pole with the activities of the block observatory, visible block during the spring and autumn has been expanded to used in military.

Sometimes the block in ancient China, windlass, winch are collectively referred to as "jigger", such as liaoyang three trenches in the murals of the han dynasty "jigger figure", mountain east like stone "jigger diagram" in writing, and sichuan battlements saltworks portrait brick of han dynasty unearthed "jigger figure", they have a common characteristic is not a crank, is simply the windlass cylinder into two large head, small waist shape in the middle.

This can overcome the drawback of rope slipping from the pulley.

Because of the same working principle of the rope pulley and pulley, it is essentially a pulley, but a form of the pulley to the pulley.

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