Forging Crane Wheels

Forging Crane Wheels
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Day forging wheel is also called the driving wheel, wheel, wheel forging, is a kind of classification of forgings, commonly used material is 45 #, 60 #, 65 mn, 42 crmo, mainly used in the gantry crane, bridge crane, and mining machinery, light rail vehicle applications.

"China" brand wheel forging adhering to the "build quality service society, seeks the innovation development future" principle, in the field of forging wheels, use of technology characteristics and forging strength of the enterprise, comply with the demand of the market, manufacturing forging wheel has the following advantages:

Advantage one: compared to the same area with the field of enterprise, in terms of forging wheel, the company has from the forging, heat treatment, machining and surface treatment of a one-time production advantages, not only can meet the demand of customers a lot of once, and completely conform to the state about the construction of "professional production and service center", effectively avoid easy occurrence quality problem in production process, superior quality.

Advantage 2: with the development of the society, and crane industry of high-end demand, the traditional casting wheel was gradually replaced by forging wheels is becoming a trend, this is mainly due to the forging wheel effectively overcome the traditional product defects such as porosity, sand holes and inclusions.

"China" brand wheel forging all use their own mold, a molding, compared with the traditional free forging, high utilization rate of raw materials, low cost, light weight, good internal grain size and high quality, long service life, safety, since put on the market, loved by the masses of customers.

Three advantages: the company nearly three decades in the forging industry development, with ten thousand tons of press press and so on various types of paragraphs more sets, and zhengzhou machinery research institute jointly set up r&d center, forging technology is advanced, powerful, can produce various kinds of forgings and forging products, competitive advantage, meet the demand of various users, sincere look forward to new and old friends to patronize cooperation heartily.

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