Mold Forged Crane Wheel Made In China

Mold Forged Crane Wheel Made In China
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Wheel forgings in the 80's, the general use of steel, in the production process due to casting in the pores, mixed, the quality of instability, security risks. In the continuous improvement, in the gradual change to forging, forging and then heat treatment organization refinement, surface hardening, hardness, wear resistance. Heat treatment technology has also been improved, the hardness layer depth can reach more than 20mm.

Heat treatment is the overall conditioning to HB240-280 or so, and then the surface of high-frequency induction heating, the wheel forging surface hardness, wear resistance. Slowly process improvement, and now can be directly transferred to the HB320-380, one cost savings, two Is the hardness of the depth of improvement, quality assurance. Now Shanxi Yongxin Health Forging Co., Ltd. can be the overall quenching and tempering + surface water, so that the hardness of the hole in the hole below the HB300, tread hardness up to HRC50 up to the depth of 20MM

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