Forged Gantry Crane Travelling Wheels Steel Rail Trolley Wheels

Forged Gantry Crane Travelling Wheels Steel Rail Trolley Wheels
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Product Details

Supply Hot Forging Gantry Crane Traveling Wheels

Trolley wheel features: 


1) Material: 60#,65#,65Mn,50SiMn,42CrMoA (according to client's requirement)

2) wheel diameter: Φ300-2300mm

3) Tread Hardness:300-380HB OR Trand surface and rim quench hardness: HRC45-55

Trand surface and rim quench depth: 15-18mm

4) Measuring & testing equipment:Projecting profile, roughness tester, hardness tester, concentricity tester ect, UT ultrasonic detecting instrument

5)Size:Special designs are available,Making according to clients demand.Precise measurement and surface finishes are available

6)Inspection:In-house and the third party.Inspection:all items are checked and tested thoroughly during every working procedure and after the product is finally manufactured to ensure that best quality product goes out in the market.

7)Deliver Time: 10~45 days from order. good quality with reasonable price,timely delivery and great customer finally manufactured to ensure that best quality product goes out in the market.

Our Services

Sale Service:

1.Examining products;

2.Helping customers draft construction plan;

3.Give advice and suggestions and show around our producton sites.


After-sale Service:

1.Setting up customer records,knowing well the location and running state of the sold equipment, return visit and contact information.Dispatching professional after-sales service staff to the site to help customers install and adjust equipment.1-2 technicians are needed to assist customers in site-manufacturing for 1 month until customers are satisfied.

2.Keeping a record of the daily information from hot-line and its handing.Announcing the customers whose equipments have been over warranty period in time;Infoming them of the maintaining details at regular intervals.

3.As to customer complaints out of non-quality reasons,customer managers should work with after-sales staff to analyse and explain problems caused by personal factors,make up and restore the damaged parts,implement operation guiding and training among customers' operators.



Please kindly tell us the following information for your inquiry:

1.Lifting Capacity?

2.Lifting Height?

3.Power supply: in China is 380V/50HZ/3PHASE, how about your factory?


If you want to buy gantry crane or bridge crane,please also tell us:

1.It is single girder or double girder?

2.Span of the main girder?

3.The dimension of the overhang part?

4.Travel distance?Do you need to buy the travel rails from us also?

Please be free to buy the forged gantry crane travelling wheels steel rail trolley wheels with the best price with our professional China manufacturers and suppliers. And the customized products are also offered if you need.