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About chain hoist hooks

Oct 12, 2017

Classification of hoisting gear

The hoisting tools mainly include chain hoist hooks, clamp lifting gear, lifting suction cup, etc.


The chain hoist hooks is composed of a sling, a sling, a sling and a sling. It is a metal sling with a load-bearing capacity of 60, 80, 100 and 120 lifting.

The higher the level,

The higher the load-carrying capacity of the same specification.


1) high carrying capacity

2) the safety is good, breaking elongation is greater than 20%

3) the combination form is diverse, versatility and interchangeability

4) adjustable length and easy to store

5) long service life

6) the temperature range is large

7) easy to detect, convenient and quick


1) the price is higher than the belt and wire rope

2) self-importance

Lifting point

The lifting point refers to the lifting point that is fixed on the surface of the object and used for lifting weights. It is divided into bolt type and welding type according to the fixed form.

The sling can be divided into a variety of materials, mainly synthetic fiber suspenders.

Overview: synthetic fiber lifting belt adopt high strength polyester (acid and alkali resistant) or polypropylene (alkali), polyamide (not acidproof alkali) industrial strength filament as raw materials, industrial loom weaving or winding to wear heart



1. Protect the hanging objects from damage

2: high strength, light weight, easy to carry and carry on hoisting preparations

3: soft and easy to operate

4: not corrosive or conductive


1: the hoisting is easy to cut by sharp corners

2: does not apply to high temperature and high dust environment, using temperature is 100 ℃ or less

3: low wear resistance

4: it is not possible to adjust the length overview at any time: the wire rope is twisted by multiple or multi-strand fine wire, then twisted into a spiral rope by a certain number of strands.

In material handling machinery for promotion, traction,

Tension and load.

Common cored core and steel core two kinds.


1. High carrying capacity

2: light weight

3: cheap price


1. The surface is susceptible to wear and erosion, resulting in broken wires affecting the load

2. The hemp core is not suitable for high temperature operation

3: no detour can be carried out

4: testing inconvenience

5: rigid, not easy to store

6: unable to adjust the length of use

5. Non-standard lifting gear