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about Crane wheel

Oct 13, 2017

The wheel of crane is a kind of forging, mainly used in door mode crane - bridge crane - mining machinery and so on.

Common wheel forging materials: 60 #, 65Mn, 42CrMo

Crane wheels as the key part of metallurgical industry safety, normal production is indispensable and important equipment, its working reliability, security, advanced has always attached great importance to by the people, but the restriction of the traditional metallurgical technology, the reform and opening up 30 years before the domestic crane wheel base under the mode of the former Soviet union did some small improvement and development.

With the deepening of reform and opening up and the introduction of large number of foreign advanced technologies, the wheel of modern crane has also changed greatly.

Based on the improvement of metallurgical process of metallurgical enterprises in China and the demands of end-users, this paper makes some comments on the development trend of crane wheel.

Crane wheels generally refers to serve the people in metallurgy casting cranes, container loading slab handling crane, crane, steel coil clamp, disk crane crane work and serve the metallurgical plant level higher other bridge crane.

As a result of metallurgy enterprise, slab (ingot), the change of steel rolling process, stripping crane, soaking pit clamp, rigid material rake crane, crane flat flame bridge type crane, soaking pit peel and other traditional crane crane wheels has gradually become obsolete.

The development trend of the cranes used in metallurgical enterprises is to make some preliminary analysis and discussion.