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Advantages and disadvantages of crane clamp

Aug 11, 2018

The advantages and disadvantages of crane clamping device:


The advantages of gravity clamping device are:

 1) simple structure, convenient manufacture and low price.

2) small size and light weight.

3) no need or simple clamping mechanism is required.

4) the clamping device for the non-power-driven opening and closing mechanism does not need to be equipped with cable reel on the trolley.

5)Clamping high temperature plate or ingot above 8000 c can still work normally.


The disadvantages of the gravity clamping clamp device are :

(1) there is a high loss in the process of clamping the slab or steel ingot (there is a displacement in the height of the clamping hole in the process of closing), which requires the crane to be higher in the rail stable, increasing the height of the plant.

(2) drivers are required to be skilled in operation