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Analysis of Damage Factors in Crane Hook block

Oct 14, 2017

The rotating hook group is made of alloy steel, and the special heat treatment technology is adopted to reach the high strength of the requirement. At the end of the supply of a variety of rigging fittings and connection: high strength ring, crane hook block, shackle, turnbuckle, make useful contacts with the steel wire rope, sling chain, etc., can be freely combined into a variety of different ways of rigging sets, to meet the different needs of lifting.

So what is the cause of the pulley crushing? The reason is mainly due to the broken pulley caused by collision of the crane hook blockassembly is wholesale, crane hook block group did not rise to the necessary height, vehicle crane hook assembly, Chekai instability or crooked cable-stayed suspended at noon, have a strong swing, the pulley group encountered other objects caused by.

Of course, the wear of the crane hook block is a normal phenomenon. The main reason for this phenomenon is that when the house is lifted, it is necessary to adjust the center of gravity, causing the crane hook block to go up, causing the pulley damage.