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Basic knowledge of crane horizontal clamp

Jan 04, 2019

Basic knowledge of the horizontal clamp:

Repair and maintenance´╝Ü

1. Before and after each use, check for abnormal conditions, such as cracks, holes and shafts with or without deformation, scratches, rust and tongs wear.

2. After the mark is lost, it should be promptly added to avoid mistakes.

3. Apply grease to each active part when not in use for a long time.

Retirement condition´╝Ü

Replace parts or scrap immediately if any of the following conditions occur

1) When the wear height of the jaws reaches 10% of the original height:

2) When the jaw has two teeth chipping or one tooth is broken:

3) When the wear of the clamp shaft reaches 2.5% of the original diameter:

4) When the clamping shaft or caliper deformation amount reaches 1.5%:

5) The overall movement of the vertical clamp is not flexible, and it is still not flexible after being lubricated by the lubricating oil.