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Classification of common crane spreaders

Dec 06, 2018

Classification of common crane spreaders:

The spreader is a hoisting tool that can be seen everywhere on the construction site and in the factory. We usually refer to the pick-up device used for lifting and lifting operations as a spreader. However, there are many kinds of spreaders, and there are many kinds of spreaders with different shapes. According to the different functions and shapes of the spreaders, they are roughly classified into the following categories.

1, C-type spreader: according to the purpose is divided into horizontal and vertical. The horizontal type has a C-type coil spreader, a C-type double-roll spreader, a door type horizontal spreader; a vertical type vertical hanging coil outer-type spreader, and a vertical vertical hanging coil inner-side spreader.

2. Balanced lifting beam: divided into fixed hanging beam and adjustable hanging beam

3. Metallurgical clamps: round steel clamps, billet clamps, steel ingot clamps, steel plate clamps, rail clamps, steel clamps, oil drum clamps.

4, roll spreader: single roll spreader, double roll spreader.

5. Steel lifting clamp: single-plate lifting clamp, double-plate lifting clamp, laminated lifting clamp, horizontal hanging steel lifting clamp, vertical lifting steel lifting clamp, and flip lifting clamp.

The above is a more systematic classification of various spreaders. When you choose a spreader, remember not to blindly choose it. Use a suitable spreader to reduce the risk.