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Composition of Crane Scissor Clamp

Aug 11, 2018

Composition of clamp:

A tool for clamping, fastening, or lifting.The clamps are divided into two parts according to the contents of the clamps and the blank clamp.

The clampis mainly composed of hanging beam, connecting plate, lifting and closing mechanism, synchronizer, clamp arm, support plate and clamp tooth.

Hanging beam:

The hanging beam is a part connected with the skyhook, which has three structures: the lifting ring shackle connection, the sling and the lug connection.The lifting ring shackle joint lifting shaft can improve the mechanical condition of the lifting spreader and avoid the decoupling phenomenon when loading and unloading steel billet.The sling is connected with the lifting shaft, which makes the jig bear better, but the height of the hanger itself is large, which needs to be used in a high place, and manual auxiliary hooks shall be used when hanging the hooks.The lifting lug type connection lifting shaft can be directly linked by the crane driver, but it is necessary to make the lifting tackle land, and lower the lifting hook until no force is exerted, which will easily lead to the lifting hook decoupling.

Connecting rod:

The connecting rod is the connecting part of the hanging beam and clamp arm.

Opening and closing mechanism:

The lifting and closing mechanism is in the form of manual lifting, (automatic) double hook, (automatic) single hook and (automatic) rotating lock.Automatic opening and closing mechanism is the mechanism to realize automatic opening and closing of steel billet clamp.Its action does not need any external power source, and it can be opened and closed automatically by the gravity of the fixture itself.Lubrication of starting and closing mechanism: it is necessary to add lubricating oil (or motor oil) regularly (2~3 days), and then move up and down several times until lubrication is complete.Excessive lubricating grease is strictly prohibited!


The synchronizer is a device to ensure the synchronous action of each clamp arm.

The clamp arm:

The clamp arm is the main force increasing part of the jig.

The plate:

The supporting plate is the supporting part of billet jig.The supporting plate is supported on the upper surface of the billet to ensure the smooth operation of the lifting and closing mechanism of the billet jig.


The tong teeth have pin - shaft connection, dovetail connection and slotted joint.The clamping teeth are the main parts that directly contact with the billet, which determine the reliability of the billet clamping device.