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Crane Hook Block for Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Jul 18, 2018

Crane hook block for wire rope hoist:

It is one of the most common in hoisting machinery. the hook often be suspended on the rope hoist through a closed block or other components. The move part of pulley is adopted centripetal bearing. The hook is forged from 20* steel, and it can rotate flexiblly in horizontal 360 degrees and in vertical 180 degrees.

Product Details:

1. Model: Mining pulley block

2. Material: High quality carbon steel

3. Surface: Powder coated

4. Rated load:0.5T-10

5. Usage: Lifting

6. Weight: 4. 6kg-35kg

7. Packaging: Gunny bag or carton then on steel pallet

8. Special specification and marks can be made according to order quantity


Crane hook block