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Crane hook drawing general requirements

Dec 11, 2017

Crane hook drawing general requirements

To strengthen the lifting hook and the safety supervision and inspection of the hook.

The general requirements for crane hook design are as follows:

1. The requirements for the use of the environment should be considered, and the requirements for strength, flexibility, fatigue resistance and impact function should be met.

2. To meet the requirements of design and process, the fiber direction of the forged hooks shall be in accordance with the shape distribution of the hook.

After the hook is forged, heat treatment shall be carried out.

3. The rolling direction and fiber direction of each laminated hook shall be kept in accordance with the pressure direction, and the heat affected zone shall be eliminated.

4, chip hook body and suspension clamp does not allow and receive, forged or rolled material can not meet the requirement of the performance, or difficult to manufacture, if manufactured casting method, must prove their use or through the practical experience proved its applicable, can only be allowed.

5, the surface of the hook and internal faults, should have no enough to damage its usability hook materials and purchased parts manufacturing and should have manufacturing units, the certificate of approval of the technical documents, otherwise should carry on the inspection, find out the performance qualified rear can use.

6. After inspection of the qualified lifting hook, the manufacturer shall make a mark that is not liable to wear out in the appropriate position of the hook, and issue a certificate of conformity.

The content of the label shall include at least the rated weight, production number, manufacture date, manufacturing unit, and hook origin.