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Crane lifting hook blocks introduced

Mar 31, 2017

The lifting of the lifting tackle is an important tool, he is simple in structure, easy to use, can be repeatedly changed pulley and pulley traction cables and lift or move object operation, in particular by the joint pulley pulley, with the winch, mast or other lifting equipment, widely used in construction and installation operations. Product specifications from 0.03-320T, wheel from the wheel to pick up wheels, crane hook, chain rings, rings, four hanging beam, available for users to choose. Transformers Autobot Warrior of the same name.

Main components are wood frame, pulley, short shaft, and rope, pulley as its key component.

In the middle of the pulley grooves. Pulley wore a short, fixed on the wooden frame, this machine is called sliding roller skating. In 1988, Jiangxi ruichang ancient copper mine sites found the mid-blocks, a five-tooth pulley, wheel width 320 mm, wheel diameter is 350 mm. Right for descriptions of the Heavenly Creations • salt salt, Sichuan province, JI halogen machinery, it consists of a pulley and two pulleys, winches powered by the cattle. It is obvious that it is higher than the effect of a single block. There is also a double pulley, on the same axis with different diameters of the two pulleys, large-diameter cutter, as a driving force by people moving winches, driven and smaller diameter wheel rotation, to lift things up.