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Crane Maintenance

Mar 31, 2017

1, daily. Driver is responsible for the operations of routine maintenance items, mainly to clean, lubricate transmission parts, adjusting and fastening work. By running the test sensitive safety devices reliability monitor running there is no abnormal sound.

2, periodic test. Carried out jointly by maintenance workers and the driver, in addition to daily projects, main content is Visual inspection, checking hooks, extract, use of wire rope safety, brakes, clutch, sensitivity and reliability of the emergency alarm device by running observing transmission parts there is no abnormal noise and overheating.

3, checking monthly. By equipment security management sector organization check, and with using sector about personnel common for, except week check content outside, main on lifting mechanical of power system, and up rose institutions, and Rotary institutions, and run institutions, and hydraulic system for State detection, replaced wear, and deformation, and crack, and corrosion of parts, on electrical control system, check feed electric device, and controller, and overload protection, and security protection device whether reliable. By a test run to check leakage of lifting machinery, pressure, temperature, vibration, noise and other causes of symptoms. By observing the crane structure, bearing, transmission parts for a subjective test, master crane machine configuration, check to make sure the anomaly source of failure.

4, annually. Corbelling organization led by the unit's equipment safety management Department, carried out jointly with other relevant departments, in addition to checking monthly projects, mainly on the technical parameters of crane testing, reliability testing, by detection equipment, lifting equipment, working bodies moving parts wear and metal structure welding, testing, inspection, through the testing of safety devices and components, to evaluate the operation of lifting equipment technical condition. Schedule overhaul, modification, update plans.

Of course, the crane master is a must to master the most basic common sense, use of heavy lifting equipment and maintenance is very important.