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Crane Scrap Grabs

Jul 05, 2018

Crane Scrap Grabs:

Apply to grab wood,stone,gravels,waster metals,industry waste,construction garbage and daily rubbish.The working humidity of this grab is 90% without condensation, the working temperature of this grab is -20-50, if the temperature is lower than 0 or more than 50, The hydraulic oil should be change to the special type.


Based on different demand,there are 2 kinds of type including hydraulic rotary peel grab and non-rotary type. Non-rotary type uses excavator bucket cylinder oil pathway,no need to add hydraulic valve and pipeline. Hydraulic rotary type need to add one set of hydraulic valve and pipeline to control cylinders with piston protection device.

Product Features:

1.Decreased cycle time thereby reducing operational cost.

2.Enhanced ease and convenience of operation.

3.Suit any kind of Hopper irrespective of the size

4.Simple maintenance

5.Shockless,noiseless and smooth operation.


It is widely used for the loading/unloading of cargos with irregular shapes such as steel scraps, garbage, stones, in particular the steel plant, garbage burning processing, mine, port and railway transfer, etc.