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Crane walking wheel why is a single side gear

Oct 25, 2017

【crane walking round round round unilateral and bilateral scope of application 】 crane wheel are unilateral gear (single wheel), long span suspension crane is there are on either side of the wheel gear wheel (bilateral), it's not easy to run partial, hanging rail bearing is better.

If both sides have gears on both sides, first wheel and drive installation precision requirements are higher, not easy to meet;

Second, the cost of the wheel has increased by about 10%, and the cost of the car is not high.

And the unilateral gear has been able to meet the crane needs.

Currently, single side wheels are generally used for double girder cars, bilateral wheels are used for large vehicles, and the non-edge is used for L lines, etc.

The crane wheel is used to support the crane's weight and the load, and make the crane run back and forth on the rails.

The wheel has single rim, double rim, no rim, which can also be called single side wheel and bilateral wheel.

In order to install and maintain the wheel, the wheel is installed in the corner bearing box which can be disassembled and assembled into a wheel group to become an independent part.

Wheel assembly consists of wheels, shafts, bearings and bearing boxes.

The single side wheel is the one with one side of the wheel, while the two side wheels have gears on both sides.