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Electric Crane Clamp Device

Aug 16, 2018

Electric crane clamp device:

The electric horizontal retainer clamp device is composed of the hoisting part of crane hook, the connecting rod part of the clamping arm and the driving part of the clamping arm.The method of operation is to hang the clamp hook on the crane hook, open and close the clamp arm under no-load condition, catch and carry the steel.

The working sequence of the clamp arm is: open and close the motor, drive shaft, parallel bars, each connecting rod and a clamp arm (parallel movement)

In order to ensure the safety of steel coil handling, the locking device which cannot open the clamp arm is set up.At the same time, the clamps minimum closing limit switch is installed on the upper part of the hanging beam or the open and close driving device.To prevent motor overloading and the minimum closing detection of clamp arm.The clamping limit switch is installed at the lower part of the suspension beam or the lower part of the open-close drive.To prevent motor overload and clamp arm maximum close detection.In steel coils are installed in the clamp arm caught holding detection switch, load switch, para detection switch, photoelectric switch and thrust to capture detection, detection of steel of the steel roll edge surface volume load is falling into a chela, prevent the lifting clamp arm open and determination to coil diameter, and prevent the motor overload and when to detect switch failure, and used as to detection.It is suitable for the use environment of the steel plant, and the temperature of the lifting steel coil can reach up to 6000C.