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Electric tilting gear

Oct 17, 2017

Electric flip spreader, clamp mechanism including fixed clamp body and dynamic clamp body, moving clamp body suit at one end fixed clamp body, the moving clamp body and fixed clamp body are connected through screw nut, clamping machine set in the fixed clamp body and connected to the screw drive, fixed on the body and the moving clamp body mutually to form a wedge open chute, the set respectively in two chute with fixed clamp body slider and dynamic clamp body slider, the fixed clamp body between the slider and the fixed clamp body, block the slider and move between the clamp body has reset tension spring;

Flip agencies including racks, racks with rotating motor, flip motor drive shaft connection, the axis symmetry is equipped with two sprocket, chain wheel on each meshing with chain, chain ends with a fixed clamp and moving clamp joint;

Turn it has the following characteristics: the agency by the upper bearing and the bearing installed on the vertical shaft, vertical shaft with hanging ears relatively fixed, commit suicide by hanging ear shelf fixed steering motor, steering motor shaft end connected to the transmission between the bearing seat, hanging ears top is equipped with lifting lugs axis.