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Forged steel crane wheels

Sep 20, 2018

Description of forged steel crane wheels:

According to wheel rim, the wheel can be divided into double flange end carriage wheel, single flangle end carriage wheel, non flange end carriage wheel.

1.Double flange end carriage wheels for bridge crane, gantry crane running wheel,rim height is 25 ~ 30mm;.

2.Single flange end carriage wheels,commonly used for trolley running wheel of bridge crane & gantry crane,rim height is 20 ~ 25 mm,small span for crane trolley, good rigidity, and not easily derailed;

3.No flange end carriage wheel, no flange to block the wheels,easily derailed,thus the use range is limited.Such as circular orbit crane wheel.  


Advantages of forged steel crane wheels:

Excellent product quality and service

Competitive price,

timely delivery

High tolerance

High tensile strength

Optimum performance

Quality control and management to the whole produce process, including ingot smelting, forging, heat treatment,machining and strictly final inspection prior to delivery