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Function of pulley block

Nov 28, 2018

The pulley block can improve your work efficiency

The pulley block has become one of the main mechanical devices in industrial production. It is a physiological device that works by means of physical force. It is mainly composed of a plurality of pulleys, most of which are used in conjunction with cranes. .

The pulley block is configured by a plurality of fixed pulleys and moving pulleys, and can achieve the purpose of saving labor and changing the direction of the force.

The pulley block can deliver more cargo to its destination, both in the horizontal direction and in the vertical direction, while consuming a certain amount of energy. In use, the pulley block machinery, the labor saving and the efficiency of the rope pulley block are determined by the use of the pulley block.

As industrial manufacturers have applied more extensively to the pulley block, people have also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, as a professional manufacturer, we are constantly developing and developing newer pulley blocks.

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