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General security checks at eight major components for cranes

Mar 31, 2017

1, hook. Check hook specification of anti-stripping tags and hook has no cracks, peeling, cracking and other defects; hook section wear, opening of the increase, torsion, over whether; hook neck and surfaces with and without fatigue deformation, cracks and PIN and cover wear.

2, wire rope. Common varieties are phosphate coated wire, zinc-coated steel wire rope and smooth wire, need to check the wire rope specifications, models and pulley Web match meets the design requirements. Cushion of the fixed end of the wire rope, rope and a piece of wire rope fixtures to meet the requirements. Wire rope for wear, broken wires, kinking, flattening, bending, cutting unit, excessive corrosion.

3, brake.

4, reel. Reel body and tube flange no fatigue cracks, damaged; grooves and cylinder wall wear is excessive; drum rim height and wire rope winding layers can match the lead rope, rope-work eligibility;

5, pulleys. Is there off prevention Groove for pulley device; pulley Groove and wheel flange is cracked, torn edge, excessive wear, the pulley rotation is flexible.

6, reducer. Slow runtime has no sharp metal sound, vibration, radiation and other abnormal sounds; shaft end seal intact, fixing bolt is loose defect condition; gear lubricant oil level of selection, high and low, vertical gear lubricant pump, open gear lubrication and whether it meets the requirements.

7, wheel. The tread of the wheel, axle fatigue crack phenomenon, axle wheel tread wear is excessive. Appears in running track biting phenomena. What causes skew caused.