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How to make large car hooks

Oct 16, 2017

The car hook group mainly consists of car hook, movable pulley and pulley bearing.

Hook block generally divided into forging type, type, three rings, forging hook group is divided into single crane hook, double two, general single crane hook for small lifting, for single crane hook weight easy migration, stress is not stable.

The car hook group of the double car hook is sufficient for safety, so the general heavy lifting is used for the double car hook group.

The system of car hook  is divided into single car  hook and double car hook. The structure of the car hook is simple, the work is safe and reliable, and it is convenient to be repaired, and it has become a widely used car hook group.

The hoisting ring is better than the car hook group because its weight is lighter, but the use of the rings is troublesome, so the use of the rings is not very extensive.