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How to make the crane hook shell, and with what equipment

Oct 13, 2017

According to the requirements of you mention is say air-defense embedded parts of the door, civil air defense gate mainly in the field of play to make frame embedded in concrete, this you need not worry about, the equipment manufacturer to complete, frame of the embedded parts are welded on the frame, so you don't have to worry about, turnkey manufacturer, sealing box can be divided into ZongCan and ministry of construction in wartime, if is ZongCan, you also don't have to worry about, because the manufacturer must be done, if you see blocking on the floor plan in wartime in the mouth is selected in 07 fj02 built-in parts, and that is the ministry of construction, simple, construction units can also be completed, factory can also processing, if it is construction unit, Ann asked to see is chosen according to the picture how many pages of 07 fj02, according to the figure construction, remember to see another drawing at the top of the sealing mouth to hook, the other is to wear the wall tube, must according to the requirements of civil air defense construction, because on the steel wall tube welding ribs, make do with a closed