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How to solve the stability problem of crane hoisting?

Dec 28, 2018

The stability of lifting and hoisting work is fundamental to ensure the safe implementation of lifting and hoisting. Only by fully understanding the characteristics of the lifting machinery, the characteristics of the equipment, the experience of command and operation, and understanding the stability requirements of the equipment and machinery, can we develop a scientific and reasonable, safe and reliable, realistic lifting lifting plan to ensure the lifting and lifting operation Security in the middle.

1. Unstable hoisting machinery; main reasons: overload, unstable legs, mechanical failure, excessive eccentricity of the mast.

2. The instability of the lifting system;

The main reason is that the multi-machine hoisting is not synchronized; the multi-machine hoisting load distribution of different lifting capacity is uneven; the multi-action, multi-post command coordination error, the mast system cable wind rope and the ground anchor are unstable.

3. Deterioration of hoisting equipment or components: Main reasons: Due to the inconsistent force during design and hoisting, the rigidity of equipment or components is too small. The precautionary measures are: lifting and hoisting for slender, large-area equipment or components; strengthening and strengthening thin-walled equipment; reinforcing or increasing the cross-section of the steel structure, the weak parts of the grid structure or the rods.