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How to use chain sling safely?

Jan 02, 2019

How to use the chain sling safely?

Safety is the first rule of lifting work. Safety is a problem that must be paid attention to during operation. The safe use of chain slings has the following seven rules:

Rule 1: Users should be familiar with the performance, precautions, and scrapping standards of all types of chain slings and their end fittings.

Rule 2: The selected chain sling should be compatible with the shape characteristics and specific requirements of the workpiece to be hoisted. If it is not used, it must not be used.

Rule 3: Before the operation, the chain slings and their accessories should be inspected and used after confirmation.

Rule 4: Before hanging, you should choose the correct point: Before lifting, you should confirm whether the binding is firm.

Rule 5: Spreaders and accessories must not exceed their rated lifting capacity, and the chain slings must not exceed the working load in their respective hanging conditions.

Rule 6: Damage to the chain slings and fittings should be prevented during operation, and corner protection should be provided at the corners if necessary.

Rule 7: The chain slings should be inspected regularly during the period of use. If conditions permit, the slings and end fittings of large tonnage and important products should be inspected.