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huabei crane hook types

Dec 05, 2017

crane hooks also called lifting hooks

lifting hook is one of the necessary parts of lifting machinery.

The method can be divided into forging hooks and flaky hooks.

Single hook manufacture and easy to use, often used for lifting light objects;

Double hook for lifting heavy objects.

The general forging hook is mainly used for lifting cranes under 30 tons of crane, and the double hook is used to hoist cranes between 50 tons and 100 tons.

The sheet hook is used for lifting 75 tons -350 tons, and the double hook for lifting the crane at over 100 tons.

The shape can be divided into round, square, trapezoid and shape.

Font on the basis of force analysis, section is the most reasonable, but the forging process is complex, trapezoidal cross-section stress is more reasonable, forging easy, rectangular slice (square) cross section is only applicable to hook, the disadvantage is the section carrying capacity of the not make full use of the volume is relatively heavy, circular cross section is used only for small electric hoist crane.

The tail of forged hook is commonly used triangular thread, its stress concentration is serious, easy to break at the crack.

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