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Importance of hook servicing

Oct 19, 2018

The hook is the lifting device on the crane. When lifting the object, it is mainly the load-bearing rope that hooks the object. When starting, the object is lifted to the desired height.If that's the way it looks like it's going to be easy, but it's under the assumption that there's no problem with the hook and other parts, if there's a problem with the hook or with any of the parts that go with the hook, then the consequence could be that you're hoisting up high and something falls, and you can't imagine how dangerous that would be.Therefore, the hook must be repaired regularly to ensure the safety of work.

Overhaul method of the hook:

(1) clean the body of the hook with kerosene, and conduct a comprehensive inspection with a magnifying glass after drying. If any cracks are found, repair welding is not allowed, they should be replaced immediately.

(2) check the parts such as drawing plate and beam. If the hole of drawing plate is seriously worn, it can be re-hammered after welding with high quality welding rod: if the new piece is replaced, the mechanical properties of the material must be guaranteed to meet the requirements.

(3) for the hooks that have been used for a certain period of time, the surface of the hooks is often hardened due to the effect of the steel wire rope. Therefore, the hooks are annealed once a year.20 steel hook forging, annealing temperature is 500-600 ℃, confirmed after falling slowly cooling, to ensure that the mechanical properties of the same.