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Inspection of Lifting Hook Block

Sep 14, 2018

Lifting Hook  Block Inspection:

A visual inspection for cracks, nicks, wear, gouges and deformation as part of a comprehensive documented inspection program, should be conducted by trained personnel.

For hooks used in frequent load cycles or pulsating load, or exposed to corrosive conditions (Road Salt, etc.) the hook and thread should be periodically inspected by Magnetic Particle or Dye Penetrant.

Frequent Inspection– visual examinations by the operator or other designated person.

normal service – monthly

heavy service – weekly to monthly

severe service – daily or weekly

special or infrequent service as authorized by a qualified person – before and after each occurrence, with records of the operation.

Period Inspection– visual inspections by an appointed person making records of apparent external conditions to provide the basis for continuing evaluation.

normal service – equipment in place – yearly.

heavy service – as in normal service, unless external conditions indicate that disassembly should be done to permit detailed inspection – yearly.

severe service – as in heavy service, except that the detailed inspection may show the need for use of nondestructive type of testing – quarterly.