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Introduction of Wheel For Crane

Sep 06, 2018

Forged Steel Crane Wheels are available in a wide range of standard sizes. In addition, crane wheels to meet your special design requirements can be produced in virtually any size, configuration and surface finish condition. Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co., Ltd maintain a large inventory of carbon and alloy steels to meet your specific needs.

Forged Crane Wheels are available in any surface hardness up to 60 Rc including our standard heat treatments.

Crane wheels are also able to be Deep Hardened or Differentially Hardened for heavy wear or load requirements. For applications with severe flange loading we also manufacture an "Super Tough" crane wheel. Flange breakage is no longer a concern for older cranes and misaligned crane runaways.

• Untreated, Annealed, Normalized Crane Wheels

• Rim Toughened (34-40) Rc

• Deep Hardened Crane Wheels (Up to 60 Rc)

• Differentially Hardened Wheel (Up to 60 Rc) 

• Super Tough AISI-4140 Heat Treated up to 600 BHN