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Lifting equipment operation

Mar 31, 2017

The first: should be installed in all kinds of cranes, signs indicating the mechanical properties, and installation of hoisting limiter if needed, load controller, interlocking devices such as switches, rail-mounted crane stopper of runs should be placed and rail, load test should be checked before use.

Article II: wire rope on the drum must be neat, tail card in prison, working to keep at least three times or more.

Article III: the arbitrary change the performance of the crane.

Fourth: to obey the command staff in the operation of signals, signal is unknown or is likely to cause an accident should suspend operations.

Article fifth: lifting, shall not stay and walks under the load.

Sixth: lifting objects back and slipped the rope speed must be even, smooth and ban on sudden braking, and changes of direction, lifting objects, obstacles should be high 0. More than 5 meters, falling light at low speed to prevent any dumping.

Seventh: when lifting an object, no objects on the stand.

Eighth: to establish sound crane maintenance, periodic inspection, safety operation system, and education are closely enforced.

Nineth: bridge cranes should be chauffeur-driven, linked to the person responsible for and directing (certificate is required). Driving without a license and conductor, is strictly prohibited.

Tenth: crane duty stations should have sufficient lighting and smooth lifting channels. Ban from the crane crossed above the head.

11th: the obvious parts indicate the maximum lifting capacity of the crane, used against overload.