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Main classification of crane lifting hook blocks

Mar 31, 2017

1, simple lifting of the vertical lifting heavy objects. It is light weight and compact. There are both manual and electric.

① Manual pulleys. By people pulling traction chains, reels through the worm drive chain, weight lifting. Homemade truck brakes, bigger the heavier the load torque is safe and reliable. Scope of work for a vertical line under the hook.

Nylon wheels aluminum lifting:

Use: suitable for lifting pole, wiring, lifting equipment and live working.

Features: light weight wheels good wear resistance, wire rope, rope without damage. Form of hook type, ring type, single door, double door.

Second, the motor block. Driven by electric motors, gears, wire rope reels and hook pulleys, weight lifting. Its shell for steel wire rope reels, associated with motor and gear with brakes. Shell in the middle upper lug. Hanging vertically when lifting heavy objects. Blocks can also be hung on the running car, running the trolley along the overhead rails, delivering materials within or across workshops and workshop in the workshop.

2, block according to the number of rounds are divided into single blocks, double door pulleys and pulley. Classified according to the pulley and connect the crane hook-type pulley-pulley, chain ring, rings, pulley and rack blocks of four. Most small and medium blocks belong to the hook, chain-rings and rings and large pulley with rings and hanging beams. Contact wheel and axle can be divided into different wheel sets with sliding and rolling bearings in two ways. According to splint open the minutes, snatch block and closed block. Snatch block splints can be opened for easy assembly line, are single blocks in General, is often used in gin pole bottom guide pulleys. Block by using a different method is divided into blocks and pulleys.

Easy to use, versatile, you can manually maneuver. Can be repeatedly changed pulley and pulley traction cables in the direction of running and lifting or moving heavy objects, in particular by the joint pulley pulley, with the winch, mast or other lifting equipment, widely used in construction and installation operations. Mainly used in factories, mines, agriculture, electricity, construction and production of construction, dock, dock, warehouses of the machine installation, cargo lifting, and so on.