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Make sure the lifting hooks are safe to use

Jan 02, 2019

Make sure the lifting hooks are safe to use:

To ensure the safety of lifting hooks, it is necessary to establish a sound safety responsibility system.

The safety of the use of lifting hooks is the primary consideration for the use of the unit. To ensure the safety of the lifting hooks, a sound safety responsibility system needs to be established.

The main person in charge of the factory shall perform the following duties: comprehensively responsible for the safety production work including lifting operations; strictly implement relevant laws and technical standards; accept and cooperate with the supervision and inspection of the safety management administrative department; be responsible for lifting equipment and lifting safety facilities. Capital investment; responsible for the hoisting machinery safety management organization, safety management personnel and operators.

The safety management personnel of the lifting machinery shall perform the following duties: handling the registration, alteration and inspection procedures of the lifting machinery, accepting Quality supervision department safety supervision and inspection. 

Establish and improve the safety technical file of crane machinery; prepare the "safety management procedures for the use of lifting machinery and lifting hooks" and the documentation of the operation and maintenance of lifting machinery; correct the lifting operation Unsafe behavior; responsible for lifting hooks management.

The hoisting machinery operators shall perform the following duties: strictly implement the operating procedures, and immediately correct or report the unsafe conditions and unsafe behaviors; carry out routine maintenance work of the hoisting machinery, and report the abnormal conditions to the maintenance personnel in time; Technology, induction training and emergency rescue drills.