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Material and classification of crane wheel block

Nov 28, 2018

Nowadays, in daily life, it is often seen that a heavy object can be hung up, that is, the crane equipment, when the crane equipment is operating, does not need to waste much effort to lift the object, which is also because of the crane pulley It plays a key role. If there is no pulley block, it is not so easy to lift. Therefore, the crane wheel block is a key component of the crane equipment and a key component for crane operation.

There are also many categories of pulley blocks, so what materials does he mainly have? What are the classifications? Let's take a look at the factory with the pulley block!

On the one hand, the crane wheel block is operated by a fixed set of pulleys and then operated by hooks, which are fixed on the structure and then composed of a plurality of fixed pulleys and moving pulleys, thus becoming a crane The pulley blocks, as long as they cooperate and cooperate with each other, can complete the lifting function in the process of operation, and do not require a lot of effort.

On the other hand is the classification of crane pulleys, which are mainly divided into working pulleys and balance pulleys. Most crane pulleys are rotated around their own central axis. For different classification cranes, the specifications of the pulleys used are Not the same, this can better help them to improve the operation process, which can improve the overall operational efficiency.