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production and use requirements of bottom hook assembly

Dec 28, 2018

bottom hook assembly production and use requirements

 The bottom hook assembly is a hanging tool that is often used in the lifting process. As everyone knows, the hook is also divided into a single hook and a double hook. The single hook is often used in conjunction with the sling, sometimes with The hook hangers are used in combination; the double hooks are only used on cranes. Understand these classifications and performances, etc., then do you know what the hooks have for the production and use?


Let me introduce you to the following info:

    1. The bottom hook assembly is forged with a whole piece of key material (usually using No. 20 high-quality carbon steel), and needs to be annealed, the hardness requirement is 95-135 (HB).

    2. The surface of the hook should be smooth, and there should be no defects such as cracking, nicking, sharp angle, cracks, etc. The repairing and repairing of the damaged hook is not allowed in the well to avoid accidents.

    3. The sling should be hung to the bottom of the hook when lifting; if the hook is directly hooked into the sling of the component, the hook should not be hard or twisted.

    4. The bottom hook assembly has a single hook and a double hook. The hoisting work generally uses a single hook, the main size and lifting weight of the belt hook.

    5. If the bottom hook assembly is permanently deformed and cracked, it should be scrapped. When the wear reaches 10%, it should be downgraded or replaced.