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Production Process of Crane Wheel

Jun 22, 2018

Production Process:

  • Raw:

    We purchase all kinds of raw materials based on clients' requirement on forge pieces

  • Inspection Of Raw Materials:

    We check,re-examine and reserve sample of raw materials in each furnace.

  • Blanking Process:

    Based on the weight of blanks,we select billet with corresponding standard for saw cutting

  • Metal Heating Process:

    We heat materials blocks to make it reach initial forging temperature.

  • Forging Process:

    During the forging process,Increase the density of the forging itself, and make the forging itself plastic deformation to achieve the desired shape, size and mechanical properties of the product.

  • Preheat Treatment Process:

    Heat treatment after forging can eliminate stresses,as well as improve quality of the work piece.

  • Machining Process:

    Based on drawing,coarse and precise processing is conducted to meet the work piece requirement

  • Product Inspection:

    We inspect the appearance,size,rigidity and flaw detection of processed work piece.

  • Package:

    We pack the finished products as your demand for shipment.

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