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Safety check for different types of lifting hooks

Dec 14, 2018

Safety check for different types of lifting hooks

The hook is a very used one. It is mainly used on lifting equipment. Like the elevator we use, there are elevator lifting hooks. The lifting device has a lifting hook. The lifting machine has a lifting hook. Wait, these mechanical devices are closely related to our lives.

     Therefore, when using the hook, you must have different safety checks for different types of lifting hooks. The specific methods are as follows:

     1. The human-driven lifting hook for the organization was tested with an additional load of 1.5 times as the inspection load.

2. The hook for the power-driven hoisting structure was tested with 2 times extra load as the inspection load.

3. After the hook is removed from the inspection load, there should be no significant defects and deformations. The increase in the opening degree should not exceed 0.25% of the original scale.

4. Check the qualified lifting hooks, and print the symbols in the low stress area of the hook, including the additional lifting weight, the factory or factory name, and check the symbol and production number.

The hook must be fully inspected before use, otherwise it will cause incalculable losses.