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Safety technical requirements for hooks

Dec 14, 2018

Safety technical requirements for crane hooks:

Everyone knows what the hook is. It is the rise of the construction industry nowadays. Various construction facilities can be seen everywhere, but when it comes to its safety technology, everyone will stop it. Today, Xiaobian will do it for everyone. Popular science.

     1. The hook needs to have the relevant documents issued by the manufacturer and other relevant documents before it can be put into operation. If there is no appeal document, you can pass the inspection to find out that the performance is qualified before use. In use, it should be inspected, repaired and scrapped according to the relevant requirements of the regulations.

     2. The crane cannot use the casting hook.

     3. Thecrane hooks need to be equipped with insurance facilities to prevent hoisting and decoupling.

     4, the surface of the hook needs to be kept clean, such as peeling, sharp angles, burrs, cracks, etc. need to stop working immediately.

     5. By inspecting the lifting hooks put into use, marks that are not easy to be worn out should be made in the low-stress area, and a certificate of certification should be issued.

     It can be seen from the safety technical specifications that the requirements of the crane hooks when they are put into use are quite strict, so we need to pay attention to the performance of these devices when we use them.